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What do we offer

Fashion Design

Over 20 years of skilled and deep experience, we provide an extremely focused design in every fashion field. The deep background and talent employed in every collection is able to blow-up any clients need aesthetically and technically. From Haute Couture to Prêt à Porter to sectorial collections like high end fur collections, lingerie, wedding, to streetwear and many others.


Any kind of jewels from private settings to entire collections researching the uniqueness of a sparkling effect. If a diamond or a Swarovski crystal does not change the approach that focuses only on two concepts of Beauty and Spectacular Effect.

Accessories Design

Apart the Crocodile Luxury Bags Brand that is signed under his own name Luigi Giannetta projects any typology of bags, leader goods, clutches, luggages and travelling accessories.
We do also produce bags and leather goods konfident to reach the best standard of craftsmanship with our partners.

Home Design

At the begin was only an experiment from fashion design to textile interior, than it became a deep love for that field, over sixteen years long cooperation with Cottimaryane, the Florentine Luxurious bed linen company was the occasion to work for big clients as private label as well as private clients that was counting Royal Highness, and international jet set, creating sets for Villas, yachts, private jets and resorts.
From that first step a lot of other projects were developed and now we are projecting an endless count of different goods, glasses and crystals, porcelains and metal table sets, precious and hard stones furnitures and boxes, hourglasses ect Up to modern gifts productions in ecological materials.

Interior Design

Thanks to our knowledge we are able to project an all over view for the interior for a complete renovation to a simple restyling following the clients needs and vision. We can create classic chic interiors as well as modern minimalistic vibe thanks to the heterogeneous creativity of our creative director and team. Interior does not mean furniture placement, means being able to invent an atmosphere and to make it real.

Textile Design

Using a fabric is one thing, but being able to project one it is another story. We do project fabrics and fabric treatments to change the aspect of the base. Embroidery, laces, trims, are secretless knowing every kind of machine and hand needling techniques. We do projects also in traditional prints or digital. We are able to satisfy any king of requests.

Art Investments

Starting from the private passion of Luigi Giannetta for fine art, he is considered a refined Connoisseur and a Collector. Sharing his knowledge and his passion he constantly researches pieces to recommend for collectors that trust his good eye and nose for masterpieces.


Since 2002 Luigi Giannetta is senior fashion design professor and Faculty Member at POLIMODA (one of the ten best fashion schools in the world ), the same institute from where he graduated in 1998.

As international Lecturer he did many conferences and seminars for Spinexpo in China, Academy of Fashion and Design of Amman in Jordan, Gifu University and Osaka Bunka Fashion College in Japan. Lecturing from small groups of master students up to 500 people audience is never a problem.


Being present into the world with the right image is today compulsory. Thanks to our video makers and photographers we do provide a focused service of Image building and Visual, making Videoclips and photos with a great impact, or products presentation and display, both for physical presentation or socials.